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    Now, as for my 'helper', The Family Oracle. His version of his relatives is much more entertaining than mine so if you'd like a set for a laugh, copies of his 30 + original pages are available from me. 

    Firstly we read in The Family Oracle's version, the Widow Geoghegan arrived in UK with two Sons and a Daughter Virginia, all born in Ireland, plus a William Cuthbert, a step Brother who 'HE', The Family Oracle, believed was English. 

    The truth is that the Widow Geoghegan was really Ann nee Doyle,  the widow of Joseph Cuthbert *. She was born 1869 * in Chancery Buildings in the Strand, Daughter of Charles Doyle and Martha Coyle *. Both parents were Tailors.

    'Virginia' was actually Jane Geoghegan, born in Poland Street, Westminster Feb: 10, 1871 *.
    Joseph Geoghegan was born in Hulme, Manchester in 1876. His parents Married 10th Sept: 1877 * in the St Mary's Catholic Church, Mulberry Lane in Hulme. Michael says his name is spelled GAYGEN. His Father was Thomas George Gaygan a Weaver and Ann confirms she is a Widow and her name is Cuthbert. formerly Doyle. Her age is 40 and Michael's age is written illegibly by the Registrar; could be 58 or 68.
    Ann is seen on the 1871 census for Westminster with Michael, their Daughters Sarah, Jane aged 4 months with Mary Cuthbert, an infant.  On that 1871 Census Michael says he was born in Ireland. 

   My Grandfather, Thomas Charles, born in 1878 in Hulme was the last child to be born to these parents. However, Jane was the only one to be registered  as required *. Joseph and Thomas were not.

  Thomas Charles was Baptised, the date of his birth is confirmed *, at the Catholic Church St. Wilfred's, Hulme.Thomas had been sponsored by his Sister Sarah Geoghegan at his Baptism *. She died the same year aged 11, 22 September, 1878 of Scarlet Fever and Heart defect *.

    The Family Oracle informs us that his father, Thomas Charles, was a bare knuckle pugilist who fought under an assumed name at Blackfriars in his younger days. After studying his medical history I found that T.C. suffered from Talipes, a defect that caused him to be discharged from the army during WWII*. He had previously served seven years in the East Surreys Regiment. And The Ring at Blackfriars didn't open until 1910 at which time Grandad was 32 years old. Long in the tooth for a fighter, one would suppose.

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