I'm Back!

    It seemed like it was about time to have another go at a web site. This will still be about family history, obviously. And I promise not to go all serious about it.

    Throughout these pages you will see an annoying asterisk * behind some of the references. Each one denotes a copy of every Poor Law Document or a BMD certificate I hold. This is just one branch of the many family links available. This is mine and as truthful as I can muster. Also we must dispose of "The Family Oracle"  version, because therein madness lay:    

    At the end there is a list of various names that have been researched and  are only linked to me by Marriage. Normally a family historian starts with herself, works backwards and when she arrives at the point in her Irish history to claim Brian Boru as her own, she is then finished researching! Well done!

    Just to be awkward I'll start with the one and only link to Ireland and travel thru the documents and family stories to 2010. These will have snippets from The Family Oracle, who sent me thirty three pages of his hand written foolscap version of the Geoghegans from "his" memory. These will followed by MY version which I have fully documented. A word from me: Just because you asked your family to help with your history, maybe  a dear old Aunt or a Granddad. Some will say they know nothing. Then some others will help a lot. Then there is perhaps an aggrieved Aunt who has a different Agenda to yours. For instance perhaps 105 years ago her Gt, Gt, Grandmother had 'anticipated' her marriage causing the first born to be born only 8 months and two weeks after they cut the cake!



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