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     Brian Boru??? Pah, a mere newcomer


 Supposedly the first of many Geoghegans this is an artists reconstruction of a prehistoric, mumified body which was dug out of an Irish peat bog some years ago. Since he bears a a striking resemblance to many a Geoghegan, I have adopted him as the scion of the entire clan. Unless someone can prove otherwise, here is your Great, many times removed, Grandfather. How he ended up in the bog is anybody's guess. The folks who rescued him from the muck  claimed that the remains of a rope was found around his neck. Surely not! G-G-G-etc, etc, Grandad cannot have been a villain.

    Can he?

    Oh dear.

The Family Oracle.

     And here is another mythical character. Well, his stories are mythical at any rate. I'm not sure if he makes his versions of events up as he goes along or if he likes to give the facts a twist to make them sound more entertaining. Or maybe it is something he smokes.

    Because I took his versions at face value it took several years of wasted effort and lots of money on certs which led nowhere before I finally caught on to Rule Number One; be very careful with  family legends. Just because you're told that Great Aunt Minnie appeared in The Ringling Brothers Circus as a lion tamer, do not take it as gospel.
    Trust me!

Michael and Ann


   Way back in 1877 Michael, son of the weaver Thomas Geoghegan (sometimes spelled Gaygan) and Ann Doyle (widow of Joseph Cuthbert) were wed in the splendor of St. Mary's Church in Hulme. Here is a shot of the Altar.

Middlesex Hospital


    Where Michael passed away  in 1882.

Welcome to the Withington

    The Withington Workhouse is in my family history. Actually, it appears large in a lot of family histories in the Lancashire area. It was a huge place which gave assistance to thousands of unfortunates in those days. Rather like the Social Services of today.


                                                                                                   The Walworth Vinery


    Alice and her boarder Elsie Cook check out the grapes out front of 53 Trafalgar Street. Her vine was under constant threat from the local urchins. However, the urchins were under even more of a threat from Alice who had something of a reputation around the neighbourhood as being someone whom was NOT to be trifled with. In those days a clip round the ear'ole from an enraged householder could mean anything from a sharp slap to a mild concussion, depending on how fast the guilty party could run.

    Ah, the good old days.

MY Elephants

    Here they are folks, my very own elephants,  marching across my  mantlepiece and I can touch them every day if I want to. But even so, I can still hear that "You! Josi......" echoing from some distant corner of the room whenever I even think about it.


A Handsome Couple  

    Joseph Michael Geoghagan married Lucy Burnham in 1896 in the Parish Church of St. Peter's, Walworth. They settled in Walworth where they brought eight young Geoghegans into the world. Here is the happy couple early in their marriage.




A Grand Day Out

    Joseph Michael Geoghegan, son of Joseph Sr. and Lucy Burnham. His bride is Jane, the daughter of James and Jane Bryson. They were wed in 1919 in a well-attended ceremony held in the Parish Church, St George's, Camberwell. There are several familiar faces in the crowd. Can you pick them out? Answers in an email, please.

The Roebuck


 One of Nan Alice's venues was The Roebuck in Walworth. Her beverage of choice was a good stout.

George Henry Stracey Gambia Pickering



   Here he is in person; the only member of the clan, however distant, with a four-barrelled name. He appears to be a rather shady gent but I am sure that is just because of the lighting.


Dolly at Colyer Close


This is my Mum in her favourite dress, red velvet. 1975


Their Third Wedding Day!


   Kate and Michael, the bride and groom, celebrate their third marriage--to each other!
 On the left is their daughter Rose Alice.

Dennis and Dennis

    My uncle Dennis and his son at Maureen's daughter's wedding.

Aunt Glad


   Aunt Gladys Geoghegan nee Cooper. Never without a smile. d. 1998



Uncle George with son George on the left and Reggie on the right.


Left to Right: Nannie Geoghegan, Aunt Rose Martin, Rosina, Eileen, Louise and Our Dolly in the hopping camp.


At Margate

    Left to Right: Lou, Dolly, Patrick and me. Lurking in the background is Ronnie Martin.




     This was taken about 1969. (Would I lie to you?)

In Margate again


    Patrick standing guard over Eileen, Louise, and Ronnie in the centre. Front row is Dolly, Nan and Aunt Rose.

Dolly, Susan & friend

        Dolly, her granddaughter Susan and Red Rum, I think.

At the seaside

In back: Kate Geoghegan, Shiela Geoghegan, Flo Geoghegan and Rose (?). In front: Irene (?), Mick Geoghegan and Joan Geoghegan.