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    On 'Genes Reunited', a 'social' site on the Internet, I have been informed often that we are related to a Patrick Geoghegan who was, at one time, the Mayor of Bermondsey. My Father was the only Patrick in our line of the Family. The Mayor never lived in Trafalgar Street which is a long walk to Bermondsey! It was just another rumor started by the bar staff to impress the customers on a slow evening. There were all kinds of Pubs in Trafalgar Street. Like always, the singing was usually loud and off key. Come St. Patrick's day most of the customers 'became Irish'. All the old ballads and a few rebel songs were bellowed out and after three pints of Guinness even the accent was believable!!  

    I don't recall ever hearing "A Nation Once Again" down there but when we were living in Waterford, among real Irish folk, we would hear the song at closing time whenever we popped out to the local! I suppose Danny Boy is easier to sing in Walworth when one is half cut!                                                                                                                                                             

    Well Gang there are at least 750+ descendants of Michael George Geoghegan, son of Thomas George Geoghegan, a Weaver Born Dublin c1741, alive today. Most of them couldn't care less about family history or they "think" they know all about the family. 

         S'alright with me Sunshine! I've got the 'Real McCoy' from my Dad's Brother, the genuine Family Oracle; thirty three foolscap handwritten pages, so I'll always have something to read for a bit of a LAUGH.!
    I have been VERY fortunate to make many friends along the way and have garnered some 100 plus photographs of Geoghegans past and present. My informant, The Family Oracle, told me his Grandson has become quite famous as an Actor but has changed his name from Geoghegan. Well can you blame him ? However, it IS a secret as The Family Oracle told me in strict confidence, so please don't pass it on.

  Here are some of the other names associated with my line of the clan:   

    Prendergast, Coyle, Atkins, Rickwood, Cooper, Bryson, Burnham, Sims, Cuthbertson! Laird, Kinslow, Martin, Barton, Panton, Springall, Drake, Westlake, Marshall, Rowan, Johnson, Doyle, Manley, Addison, Morbin, etc.

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