Our Alice....

    Did I tell you about our Alice? She was well known and the grandchildren knew better than to try and nick the grapes from the Vine outside her street door! She was a large persona although only 4 feet 11. Alice ruled all her kids with a rod of iron. She always wore a snow white apron. She cleaned the street every day outside number 53's door and scrubbed the step daily. Alice used to threaten all the Grandkids if they tried to lean over the fireplace to touch the brass elephants who lived over the kitchen range. They were always highly polished. I loved those Indian Elephants. She would yell "You--Josie, get away from the fire"! Many years later those very Ellies were found on the top of Uncle George Geoghegan's wardrobe, black and wrapped in newspapers after his death. My Cousin Cheryle, who inherited them offered the elephants to me. I treasure them tho they are not as bright as when Alice had them. But they are mine now! And I can touch them whenever I wish.

    Our Nan was  a good customer of Watneys and she liked to pop into the 'others' to lend her ear to the latest 'goings on'. Latterly she rented a room to Elsie Cook a Salvationist! A photo appeared in the local press of them admiring the grapevine in front of Alice's house. The Family Oracle identified Elsie as his Brother Mick's wife Kate, a mere difference in age of some 40 years.

    Mick and the real Kate met while he was in Scotland on leave from the Navy where they married in a chapel*. When they got back to Trafalgar Street to meet Mum, Honeymoon or not, Alice parted them until were "Properly Churched". She marched them off to The English Martyrs** and a week later they were Properly Wed and lived happily afterward. As they approached their 60's they were informed that a Registrar had not attended their second marriage, and Catholic Church Marriages, in that case, are not legal. The third Marriage Certificate* states clearly that Mick and Catherine (our Kate) are now in fact legally married and that they had gone through 'A Form' of Marriage previously in a Catholic Church. Only in England, fans! Imagine the Third Time Lucky party. I've got the pictures and the Certs.

   Alice is Buried in Nunhead Cemetary the grave only identifiable because her Grandaughter, who had died before reaching her teens, is also within.

    The spouse of Jane, George Pickering, moved into a small house opposite Alice Geoghegan's with his new lady and two of their children. It's not recorded how they got along. Some time later Ann Geoghegan, Mother of Jane, also lived in 124 Trafalgar St.  It has become clear over the the 200 years that wherever they were Born, most of them made their way to Walworth; even Jane nee Goldstien, who was born in the East End of London died in Walworth.

    Despite certificates held which all state that these were Geoghegans, on the 1911 Census they declared thamselves as Doyles. Go figure!