Michael and Ann's Kids

    Now, to Thomas Charles and Joseph Michael, the two sons of Ann and Michael.
    Thomas married Alice Sims in English Martyrs, Walworth in 1900. Alice had a daughter in 1898 named Rose Alice. She was baptised by Priest Peter Amigo (who later became a Bishop)*                         
    Alice went on to have had a large family with Thomas:
    Michael Thomas George arrived 23 June 1900 = Kate Laird.*
    George Charles Leo b. 1902.*
    Dennis Joseph b. 1905 = Mary Barton.*
    Patrick Charles b. 1907 = Dorothy Rickwood.*
    Cornelius Francis born 1908, died as infant.*
    Thomas Joseph b 1910 = Rosina Tanton.*
    William John, born and died 1913.*
    Henry Frederick b. May 1920 = Gladys Cooper.*

    Thomas Charles was killed on the 20th of April, 1933 at a foundry owned by Miles Druce in the City. Tom was 54, died of  broken Skull and Pelvis, re: the post mortem held in Barts. Apparently a wall supporting the roof crumbled, bringing down the roof on to the staff having a meal. After two stints in the Army **, Tom dies whilst taking a lunch break! He is buried in Nunhead Cemetary, his grave unmarked.

   Joseph Geoghegan (he added the name Michael later) Married Lucy Burnham in 1896 at St Peter's Church, Walworth, C of E. They lived in Beckford Place,Walworth. On the Certificate the witnesses were Jane and James Mayhew and this, I think, was another persona harvested by Our Jane as she had not yet divorced George!

    Joseph and Lucy's children were:

    Joseph Michael, b. Woolwich, 1897.*
    Norah Ann, b. Woolwich., 1899.*
    William G, clocked in 1904; sadly, died an Infant.*
    Lucy Jane, b. 1906, Greenwich.*
    George Edward, b.1908 * but not registered. He was shown as Absent on the Electoral Roll later.*
    James Southgate, b. 1910, Woolwich.*
    Henry Michael, b. 1913, Camberwell.*
    Charles D., b. 1917, also in Camberwell.*

            Joseph Michael, born 1897, married Jane Bryson 1919*. Her Parents were James and Jane nee Goldstein. They had six children. The last child, named Constantine, had a very short life; d 1911 and was named for James' Grandfather. 

           Should anyone be interested in this family branch there is a separate sad history of the family* including Jane's siblings, her ancestors and some living connections.

           After Joseph Senior died in 1930 Lucy Married Wesley Ralph in 1935. She lived to be 96 and died in the Mitcham Hospital 13 August, 1971*. The informant was her Son Joseph Michael and most of the death certs I hold for those I have termed "Andover Geoghegans" were all signed by the same informant.

Lucy and Joseph's roster of Grandchildren reads like a Legion and when printed, showing just the spouses, the chart is  three foot wide!

Joseph Michael Senior died in Camberwell*. The Brothers Geoghegan between them had 17 children. The majority Married and had large families. Some of them Married more than once. Nine divorces: some I have checked out. Old flames got married when they lost a partner and some of the family Emigrated to Australia. The Family Oracle wrote that even after many years all the Girls came from Australia to attend Gladys' funeral in 1998!

Some of the Geoghegans made generous Wills and some took it all with them! I have all the documents but none of the money.

I need to frame my picture of the Geoghegans. It ain't very posh or attractive but it's mine.

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