It gets worse...

    The Family Oracle had written that "Virginia or Ginny" married  a 'Wealthy and Famous Horse Trainer' of the day who also had property in Eastbourne Sussex.

    The actuality was that Our Jane married George Henry Stracey Gambia Pickering *, 15th January 1891 in the Register office in St Saviour London. The Grooms occupation was Horse Dealer and nothing to do with Racing. The happy couple were next found in the Bedford Hotel in Hastings Sussex plus Ann Geoghegan his Mother in law, and Brother Joe, aged 16. As there were no other folk residing there we assume they were working earning their crust in the pub attached. A far cry from famous horses, etc.

    The Luftwaffe wiped out the Bedford Hotel and now the Abbey Building Society thrives on the site. Sadly, Jane's Marriage didn't last. A trace thru' the Groom's family shews he was from a wealthy and religious family, with stained glass windows in the churches. Altho' Jane didn't produce a family of her own George later produced several children with Annie Isobel Young who assumed the name of Pickering.

    George and Annie are at rest in separate parts of the Cemetery in Maidstone, Kent. George H.S.G was Catholic and Annie C. of E.

    Back to our Jane, b 1871* to Michael and Ann. Only recently we found that she had another Marriage. She didn't let technical stuff bother her! Like get a  divorce first? I never could find one. Who is going to check on a Spinster aged 32…? Jane Geohegan was listed with her Groom along with both Mothers-in-law on the 1911 census and this time the Marriage is registered *. She had married Samuel Bertin Hesketh Hicks Ashworth, age 29 in the Baptist Chapel in Wimbledon. Witnesses were G. Pateman and J. Nicholls. Sam was a railway Clerk.

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