And furthermore...

    Ann, nee Doyle, the Mother of these children as I said earlier, was the Widow of Joseph William Cuthbert * (on one document described as Cuthbertson.)  They had seven children; four of whom died of T.B. as infants. The Father of these children died of T.B. on the 3rd of October 1862 *. His occupation was Tailor.

        Only one child from the Cuthbert Marriage survived to Marriage; she was Mary Ann. She had married John Edward Atkins (born Norfolk) in St. Phillips in Hulme in 1869 when she was 19 *. Mary Ann was described as a Waistcoat maker, and is last seen on the 1901 census in Gorton with her Daughter and four Sons where she stated she was the widow of John, who had died August 8th, 1895 aged 41 Years *.

Ann was found in several documents * as Cuthbert when she sought help from the Poor Law Guardians after Joseph died in Westminster 3 October, 1862 at the age of 32 *.  Ann had to resort again to the Guardians at Withington Workhouse for help after Michael again legged it from Manchester to Westminster. He was on the 1881 census in a lodging house where he became ill and was taken to the Middlesex Hospital. In those days the postal service really worked and overnite too!
When Ann departed Hulme, Manchester to go to Michael she had left the children with her heavily pregnant Daughter Mary Ann Atkins.  Michael died from of Pneumonia on 10 Feb, 1882, according to the Post Mortem * done in the Middlesex Hospital. soon after Ann's arrival. He is recorded to have been "buried by Friends" *

Back in Hulme crowded in with the Atkins family of four, plus Jane, Thomas and Joseph, and their Sister Mary, who was about to produce her third child, there may well have been an occasional “difference of opinion" between the ladies.

So, with that in mind, Jane, aged only ten and with her Mother absent, checked herself and her Brothers into the Workhouse! The record * clearly states that Jane had done so. She listed their ages, DOB's and stated they were Catholic and that their Mother “is absent from them”. Obviously at age ten she had all the makings of a Modern 'take charge' lady!

        The next time Widow Ann Geoghegan appeared was at Newington on the 1901 census as a "retired Tailoress." She Died 1st February 1914 aged 76 in the Southwark Infirmary. Her address was given as 124 Trafalgar St. Ah, Trafalgar Street; the Geoghegans stamping ground! 

    Again, her son J. M. Geoghegan was the informant.

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